Tuesday, July 21, 2015

National Junk Food Day: Top 8 Things I'm Thankful For

Better than Christmas dinner or eating out for my birthday, definitely better than Thanksgiving turkey and dressing, today is my fav food day. The greatest day ever, it's National Junk Food Day.
Stop. Seriously, I love me some junk food. So today, I celebrate. Hey, CNN said it, so it's true.
Since I'm over 40 and eating all of this would completely derail my getting into work clothes next week, I decided to create My Top 8 Junk Foods list!
In no certain order:

1. My daddy taught me to eat these. I treat myself to a couple a year. The Orange Cake went away when Hostess went away; I bought every one Target had, then left a shrine in place of the empty Hostess shelves. Delicious!

2. Funnel Cakes. If there's a festival, get outta my way. I'm coming in for the funnel cake, and I'm not sharing. I don't particularly care that white powder is in my eyelashes. I love funnel cakes.

3. Cheese fries. If you know me well, you know that for many years a plain baby cheeseburger and fries from McDonald's was a staple in my diet for most of my 30's. Now, I'm old and I refrain, most of the time. I could actually eat my weight in french fries. So, this junk food treat is CHEESEFRIES WITH BACON! #snuffers #outback
4. Who knew that anyone could roll up the yummiest of greatness in a small ball and dip it in freaking chocolate and make something that I literally look between the seats of my car for change to buy? Thank God the local baker doesn't accept AmEx!

5. You call them gummy worms; I call them hummy gummies. I don't know why. It makes me happy. These little boogers make me happy too.

6.  Candy corn. These are a bit seasonal and I am prejudice to the original Halloween colored candy corns. Great thing about these is they are fat free. Really. No lie. FAT FREE! I carry them in my pockets; no one even knows. (Then I'd have to share.) Years ago, my students picked up on my love for candy corn, and it never fails, when October rolls around, someone will leave a bag in my box. This yearly treat never fails to make me smile!

7. There was a battle for this one. I struggled between the Zebra Cake and the Ding Dong. I had to go old school. My mom used to put these in my lunchbox in elementary school. These aren't quite the same as they used to be when they were wrapped delicately in foil, but a good, fresh Ding Dong, thanks Hostess, definitely makes my list.

8.  Finally, needing no introduction, Krispie freaking Kream donuts. I swear: I will wreck my car and take out pedestrians to slide into this drive thru when the HOT light is on. It's like Satan holding a flashing beacon calling my name, "Eat me."

So, whatever you enjoy, indulge yourself. Today is the day. Tomorrow, you can work it off. But today, enjoy.

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