Friday, July 28, 2017

Are Flip-Flops School Appropriate?

The North Face Base Camp Lite Flip-Flop Women's

I go back to school Monday. I was totally pumped until bath time tonight. That’s when it hit me: my flip flop tan lines were going to swiftly deteriorate. By the first day for learners in late August, they’ll be only a fond, faint memory.

I stopped my bathtub reading – tonight’s gem: Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain. I didn’t even read the text messages that were dinging in my right ear. I studied them looking closely at the differences in skin tones. Was one darker than the other? How long would they really last? My mind was frantic with visions of how I could keep them just a bit longer.

Momentarily, in what many may call a brief bout of insanity, I considered wearing them to work. I could go outside every chance I had to maintain the lines even briefly. Of course, since I have a strict no flip-flop policy, that could potentially create chaos for the staff. (Yes, even I have a few non-negotiables: If it looks like a flip-flop, flips or flops when you walk, then it’s a flip-flop. It does not matter how much it cost. It does not matter how many rhinestones it supports. If it flips or flops, it’s a big fat no. For the record, I have the same response to “leggins” and overalls: No.) I momentarily went so far as to consider offering to do recess duty so I could wear them outside. No one wants to brave the 100+ degrees Texas temperatures in August and September. The teachers would love me! Of course, we can’t go outside when it’s that hot so I’d be stuck inside trying to do a Go Noodle dance or something in my flip-flops, and I’d probably turn an ankle. Once again, that’s a no.

I’m losing it. They really will be gone soon. Heck, I’m a ginger; I’m blessed to have them in the first place.

So, I have learned a LOT tonight. 1. My feet are not photogenic. 2. It's still hot outside, even at midnight. 3. This probably isn't even interesting. 4. I should be endorsed by The North Face because I LOVE these Flip-Flops! Oh, and 5. I'm not even that tan so this is probably a ridiculous, mute point. 

I really don’t know what to think. I am super excited about the first day back. (I don’t know why; I’ve been there 3-4 days a week all summer.) This epiphany has tempered my spirits a tad.

Three days. That’s how long I have to get the best flip flop tan line ever. Rain is in the forecast.

Saving grace: the kids don’t care. They actually won’t notice. They’ll be too smothered in hugs and stories of the summer and more happy hugs; they won’t even see my feet.

Worst-case scenario, I believe I have some spray tan under the bathroom sink.

Happy First Week Back!


  1. I love this, Jennifer!! :) I lived in flip-flops at my old school in Champaign, IL. If it was 40 degrees or warmer (sometimes colder!), I was in flip-flops. Occasionally a cute sandal, but never closed-toe shoes. My new school...not sure yet...... I already know that I can only wear jeans on Friday and no school t-shirts --- a drastic change. Enjoy your flip-flops for now! :) ~Maureen Beyt

    1. Hey Maureen! Great to hear from you! Wow! I love my sandals, but only when it's Texas HOT! Have a great year! Good luck in your change!

  2. I agree! There is nothing quite like a comfy pair of flip flops, a breezy tank top, and some nice tan lines! Unless... it's that fabulous new Mcauliffe t-shirt (and maybe some tennies on jeans days) awaiting the first week of school! ��❤

    1. I am confident we have one in your size! Would LOVE to have you anytime! Maybe you could join us the first week for Kinder Kamp! I know you have a lot going on, but you are always welcome! Missing you! <3

  3. Perfectly good read! It's a love/hate relationship with flip flops for sure! But the excitement to get back in the swing of things trumps it all! Enjoy your last weekend, see you soon!

    1. I am super excited! It's going to be a blast!